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Reiki - Self Healing? What does that mean?

If you are a Reiki practitioner you have heard this saying over and over again. Reiki is a Self Healing practice, but in essence what doest that really mean? What does Reiki do to promote self healing?

When you are attuned to any Reiki Level, the Intention of the teacher is paramount to the attunement process. If your teacher is stable, grounded, ethical and professional their Intention is clear as to the blessing of the attunement. Reiki in its pure form, gifted from the Divine will do the rest. Meaning, Reiki's vibration awakens the innate healing ability that already resides inside of each person. The innate healing that was our birthright, but due to our being human, gets muddled by living here on the planet.

So when we say self-healing, the Reiki attunement ignites this innate ability that has gone dormant, by no fault of our own, and sparks it alive. By using your own intention, as you practice with your hands on your own body and mind, the Reiki flows and uses its

vibration and light to awaken the energy pathways to increase healing in the body and mind and spirit.

You can use the example of a garden hose. The hose gets kinks in it, the water does not flow evenly, it stops and we have to, by our own action, go back to see where it's kinked. By using our hands, our awareness and our actions, we find the kink, we move it and the water flows. Reiki can be seen somewhat the same. There are kinks in the flow of our energy body, our hands take action by calling

in the Reiki and we move our hands over the body. The vibration from our hands helps to release the kink and the energy flows free, creating healing, where there was constriction.

Energy flows where intention goes. So when practicing Reiki on ourselves, have clear intention. Use the principle of 3

  1. Ask the Reiki to flow

  2. Ask the Reiki to help resolve a specific healing project, body, mind or spirit

  3. Give thanks to the Reiki

Because you can't see it, or sometimes not feel it, does not mean it isn't working. Trust the process if you can. Keep coming back to it. Practice increases the flow of the energy of Reiki.

Self Healing is the by-product of our self practice. It awakens our innate healing, thus allowing for optimal health in body, mind and spirit. As humans we want to get on to the next thing, Reiki invites us to slow down and listen to our inner wisdom.

Peace and love to all in your Reiki journey.


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