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Blessing Way

A Blessing Way is a small, intimate way to honor the process of your entire pregnancy and birth of your new beautiful baby. Together we can create the perfect ceremony to honor this beautiful time in your life.

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Why a Blessing Way?


A Blessings Way is an alternative to a traditional baby shower. A baby shower honors the baby that is coming and gives everyone an opportunity to get together to celebrate the new baby. The Blessings Way is a ceremony that creates a supportive circle of close trusted female friends. This circle honors the expectant mother as she prepares for the birth of the new baby. She is supported by this circle of friends as she explores the challenges and joys that come with pregnancy. 

A Blessings Way comes from the Native American tradition of gathering. It's a beautiful way to honor and celebrate the mom to be in a loving, supportive environment. This ceremony can be created in anyway that the mother chooses. Meditations, candle lighting, singing, making of a bracelet, necklace or other craft that the mom to be can have with her during the birthing process. 


We can tailor the day exactly for your specific recommendations. Working together we can create a ceremony that is uniquely specific to the mother to be. Honoring her specific tastes and likes and making a unique, unforgettable event.

Contact me directly for more information.

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