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House Blessings & Clearings

Sherry Robin is an Evidential Medium her passion and love is helping people receive solace knowing that their loved one’s in Spirt are only a thought away!  
In 2009 Sherry's daughter passed away at the age of 23.  In search of “Life’s Answers” to “Un-Known Questions”, Sherry found herself with a strong desire to learn mediumship so that she could connect with her daughter.  Four years ago, her journey began with training, more training and practice.  With time, patience, trust and lots of practice, she developed her distinctive style of communicating with those that have transitioned to the other side. 

With her unique gifts she offers comfort and peace to your heart. 

Sherry Robin is available for phone readings, via FaceTime, Facebook Video or Google Duo. To book an appointment she can be reached at 267-237-4611. You can text or call.

Session: 30 Minutes for $60.00

Sherry Robin says, "I am so grateful that I am a practicing medium.  I look forward to communicating with your loved one’s in Spirit with Evidence and Grace".  

Disclaimer: Sherry Robin is an independent practitioner and the views expressed by her are her own and may not be the views of Cardinal Way Wellness, LLC. The information contained is for information purposes only.

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