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Uncover Your Recovery™
Uncover Your Healing

Our Program

We are all recovering from hurts, traumas, breakups, heartaches, financial losses, addictions, and so much more. Healing starts with TRUTH.


We come into this world with other's truths as a guideline, our parents, teachers, religious leaders, coaches etc. When we grow and mature learning what is true for us and not others is a crucial step in the healing process.

Uncover Your Recovery is a system and a program designed to identify and heal the challenges we face in our everyday lives. Here we can work together to heal and uncover our wounding, our challenges, our unique stories. Each of our lives are different yet this is created to help us all.


This program is offered specifically for the purpose of awakening your innate healing potential. 

Each month we offer a workshop on a specific topic related to the journey of recovery. The best part is we are working the program with you. We are honoring our stories as well as yours. 

Join us!


We are grateful you found us here. Check out the events page here for this month's workshop. 

Meet the Creators

Maura Bertotti

Creator and Author of Uncover Your Recovery

Maura shares her healing, love, support, guidance and direction from Spirit.  

Before and after_edited.jpg

Co-Creator and Author of Uncover Your Recover

Ann shares her love of teaching and healing through Spirit.


Ann Merli

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