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Tarot Reading


Tarot &

Mediumship Readings

Fayth Ellen is a Tarot Card Reader as well as a Psychic/Medium. She is passionate about her practice and uses her gifts to support and help others. With many years of experience she brings understanding and compassion to all her readings. 

Fayth Ellen is available for phone readings, via phone at this time. To book an appointment she can be reached at 732-443-7653. You can text or call.

Session: 30 Minutes for $60.00

Fayth Ellen says, "To help others and assist them in their life decisions through connection to spirit is my life's passion."

Disclaimer: Fayth Ellen is an independent practitioner and the views expressed by her are her own and may not be the views of Cardinal Way Wellness, LLC. The information contained is for information purposes only.

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