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In 1996 I fell in love with yoga. I have been on and off my mat many times, maybe like you. I have always found my way back to yoga to create steadiness, flexibility, calm and peace in my life. In 2016 I became a yoga teacher. It's been an amazing journey ever since.

My love of teaching has evolved into making yoga ACCESSIBLE. I mean making it available to everyone and every body. Whether you think you aren't flexible or you are too flexible, you're too young, or too old, recovering from surgery/injury, can't get on the floor, in a wheel chair, or even in bed, etc., whatever reason you think you can't. You can. I can help.  


Chair Yoga: I teach this practice On-Line 4 times a week. Monday-Wednesday(2x)-Friday. Chair Yoga makes yoga accessible to everyone, we can accommodate. Our practice incorporates sitting and standing practice (if able, not necessary). 



Mat Yoga: I teach this All Levels practice on Tuesday's In-Person and On-Line. In-Person at the Friendly Community Center, Barrett, PA, this class is also Live Streamed and super affordable for everyone. Check it out here:


Owner in Tree Pose

If you've come to me for a session you know I usually ask if you do yoga, or I suggest yoga poses. Why though? What's the hype about yoga?

The physical practice of yoga, called Asana, is the practice of movement connected with breath. These basic 4 words together, movement connected with breath is why I encourage it and I suggest it so often. (There are other modalities (see below) but Yoga is my personal thing so I love to share about it.)

When receiving any type of energy session the body then needs to process through rest, hydration and good self care. Additionally though, the physical body we live in needs to MOVE. When we aren't actively moving, our life force can become stagnant and dull, creating more disharmony in body, mind and spirit. Yoga is the Sister to Energy Work in my book. 

During an energy session, the disharmony can be uprooted and lifted up by the frequency of the energy session, but movement outside of the session needs to continue. We need to be active participants in our healing. Coming for an energy session is part of the process, their needs to be continued active participation by you for the disharmony to shift so you can sing your own song and restore balance. Nothing like movement connected with breath to make that happen.

If you don't have a yoga practice and it doesn't seem like the fit for you, that's cool too. Walking, running, rowing, paddling, biking, dancing, Tai Chi, Gi Gong, drumming, anything that makes you move is fantastic. 

If you are interested in hearing more about yoga and would like private instruction I offer that at my place as well as Yoga Bird Studio. Message me for more details. 

Movement is life ~ breath is life. 

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