Meet Maura Bertotti

Maura is an Author, Teacher, Healer, and Spiritual Channeler. She is the Co-Creator of the book Uncover Your Recovery / Uncover Your Healing, which is due out in early 2022.

Maura's Story

With almost 20 years experience in multiple modalities in the world of spirituality, Maura’s mission is to bring love, healing and kindness to others, and to the planet. Dedicated to educating and supporting those along this journey, over the years Maura has established Holistic Centers in the Jersey Shore area. And is looking forward to creating and opening a new Center in 2022 with Ann Merli, continuing to provide open doors and open hearts for this growing Community of seekers. 

While helping others find their way, Maura continues her own journey of healing and recovering as well. Over the past 16 months she has lost 129 pounds; and is now sharing that education and support as well.

Maura loves nature, with the ocean and the trees being her favorite. 
Little known facts about Maura, she loves the snow. She also loves rain, thunder and lightning. Her most favorite tips of what she considers the best prescriptions of all are, sharp humor, laughter, fresh air and music.