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Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher

Ann Merli

Ann is a Reiki practitioner and teacher, she has trained over 60 students in the sacred healing art of Reiki. She is also a massage therapist and a yoga teacher. Combing her love for anatomy, eastern studies and energy healing she offers a unique approach to teaching Reiki. Additionally she uses a trauma informed approach to teaching, along with making the practice accessible to everyone's level and ability. 


What is Reiki?


Reiki first and foremost is a Self-Healing Practice


What does that mean? Self-Healing? It means that we can practice Reiki on ourselves to promote calm and peace, reduce anxiety and stress and tune into our own unique selves. When we use this a self-healing tool we have a better understanding of ourselves, which gives rise to more compassion for self and others. Then we can take our Reiki practice out into the world and help others find the same.

Reiki, the word itself evokes curiosity. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei, meaning "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki, which is "Life Force Energy". Reiki is then "Spiritually guided life force energy". When you search the internet for the word Reiki you will find a plethora of sites, all with their own unique signature to teaching this very Sacred art of healing. My site is no different, my own unique fingerprint on the art of Reiki has developed over time and practice. 

Reiki is not a religion. Reiki does have a spiritual aspect to it. It complements any faith based religion as well as traditional medicine. 

Ann's definition of Reiki:

Reiki is a beautiful loving healing practice that can be used by anyone. It’s a healing modality that allows the connection between the practitioner and the client to come together through the intention of healing the deeper level of dis-ease at the core level of the energy body. The practitioner steps out of the way and allows the light of the Divine Source to facilitate the healing and through the connection of the two people the body can reach a state of relaxation, allowing the energy to flow as needed to the spots that can be stuck, allowing the body to return to homeostasis. Balance and harmony in all things.

This beautiful healing practice also allows the unique fingerprint of the practitioner to be used, thus allowing the Divine Love/Light to experience itself through our unique way. We are all here to use our Light for healing of ourselves and others. Once this understanding becomes embodied by the practitioner, healing on all levels can begin.

Training Levels

Reiki Level 1 Training and Certification

In this first step you will learn and have a better understanding of:


  • History of Reiki as a Self Healing Practice

  • What Energy Healing Is & How it Works

  • How INTENTION is the key to Practice

  • Anatomy as it Pertains to Reiki

  • Basics of the Chakra system

  • Basics of Understanding Spirit Guides and Divine Source

  • Basics of Understanding Emotional Trauma and how it relates to Self-Healing and Reiki

  • Meditation Basics for Reiki Practice

  • Traditional Hand Placements for Self-Healing Practice

  • Receive an Attunement to the First Level

  • Basics of Understanding ethics and professionalism in Reiki

  • The above topics are an important aspect to learning Reiki and additional information and material will be provided. In Reiki Level 1 you will only learn how to practice Reiki on yourself. Level 2 teaches how to work with others.


Reiki Level 1 is taught in two ways:


On-Line as a two day class (4 hours) each day, then a 2 hour follow up a month later. This will give ample time for the student to practice self Reiki, journal/write about the experience, and attend a Reiki Practice Circle of their choice. Giving time throughout the month for reflection and contemplation as to whether this Sacred Healing art is a true path. On-Line training is available for individual training or small groups of only 4 students. This training can be scheduled by appointment. You can click the link above or here.


In-Person as one day class (8 hours) and then a 2 hour follow up a month later. This will give ample time for the student to practice self Reiki, journal/write about the experience, and attend a Reiki Practice Circle of their choice. Giving time throughout the month for reflection and contemplation as to whether this Sacred Healing art is a true path. In-Person training is available throughout the year and will be listed on the events page when a class is scheduled.


Reiki Level 2 Training and Certification

In this second step we will go deeper into the practice:


  • Learn the Symbols of Reiki

  • Deeper Understanding of Anatomy as it Pertains to Reiki

  • Deeper Understanding of the Chakra system 

  • Deeper In-Depth Understanding of Emotional Trauma

  • Connecting and Working with your Spirit Guide(s)

  • Deeper Understanding of Meditation for Yourself and with Clients

  • Receive Reiki Level 2 Attunement

  • Hands on Practice with Others

  • How to Conduct a Safe, Supportive and Compassionate Reiki Session for Another Person

  • In Depth understanding of Ethics, Morals and Professionalism when Working with Others

  • This training is not limited to the above topics, but these are the essentials to using Reiki as a modality with others.

Reiki Level 2 Training and Certification is taught IN-PERSON in a one day class (8 hours) and then a 2 hour follow up a month later. This 2 hour session will focus on practice, working on confidence, skill and intuition and answering and discussing any areas of concern that may have come up during the month in between. This format gives time during the month to work on others, reflection and contemplation as to whether this Sacred Healing art is still a true path.


Requirements for Reiki I and Reiki II


Although it is not mandatory, it is highly suggested to prepare for, and commit to this practice that you: 


Attend a Reiki Practice Circle in your area or online

Receive Reiki from a Level II or Master Reiki practitioner

Read and familiarize yourself with Reiki and its healing qualities, the chakras, angels and spirit guides and what exactly the subtle energy body is all about.



My personal resource suggestions, but research what resonates for you. 

About Reiki:

The Spirit of Reiki  I feel that this book is a good resource for understanding the fundamentals of the practice.

About the Chakras:

Anything by Anodea Judith

The Subtle Energy body:

Anything by Cyndi Dale

Angels and Spirit Guides:

Google the Internet there is so much. See what resonates.

Both Reiki I and Reiki II will include a manual with other references included.


What I offer as a form of teaching, mentoring and as a practitioner of Reiki is first and foremost an ethical, moral and professional standard. What does that mean? It means that my students and clients safety and personal comfort come first. As a teacher and a practitioner it is my responsibility to hold space, to create a safe, accessible and comfortable environment in which to teach and practice. At all times I am aware that my actions and words can either support or harm if I am not coming from a place of utmost professionalism. 

If you have additional questions about Reiki or Reiki training please email me here.




What to Look for In a Reiki Practitioner?

What should matter to someone searching for a Reiki Practitioner is the ethical and professional character of the practitioner. Does the practitioner respect their boundaries? Does the practitioner connect to a Divine Source during a session? Does the practitioner listen and support the session before, during and after? Does the practitioner show support, through their action, compassion, kindness and love? These might be some of the more important questions to ask, rather than what school of Reiki the practitioner studied. 

What is Reiki
Reiki Level 1 Training & Certification
Reiki Level 2 Training
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