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What is Your Song?

Have you ever wondered about your unique voice, your unique fingerprint? Did you ever think about this just might be your thread, your reflection to The Divine, God, Source, Spirit, The Universe, Your Name for the Holy?

Our voice is vibration, harmony from our uniqueness, the breath our conductor. Think about when you are feeling good and upbeat how your voice changes and has more vibrance, when you are in need of rest, it's quieter, perhaps even shaky.

Our inner harmony can get out of balance, it can be in discord, the conductor, our breath, out of sync. How does this happen to us? In my years of self inquiry, meditation and private practice with clients, I've come to understand that our breath gets held at certain points in our lives, which creates a break in the natural rhythm of inhales and exhales. When this holding happens, an example would be, you get a phone call that something terrible has happened, you immediately, take in a breath and hold it and most likely say "Oh, No". Your body goes into shock mode, your rhythm out of sync.

It can also be much deeper than that, any type of trauma, regardless of age, the unexpected events that happen over which you have no control. Your body mechanics still function, but the conductor, your breath, gets held.

How can we change this, how can we be in harmony with ourselves and live a richer fuller life with peace as the driver? It's in the breath, it's in allowing yourself to breathe, process, mourn, grieve, yell, sing, dance and move your energy body, back into harmony. It will never happen when we are stagnant and inert, the rhythm must be moving, like the waves of light, the waves of water, the movement of clouds, it's in the movement, the vibration of you.

The Universe, The Divine, God, your Name for the Holy, this source is the Breath of your very life, it's the one thing that connects us all, we all breath, regardless of race, religion or gender, our breath is an equal opportunity conductor. The World View of the Cosmos is energetics, the breath is the thread from vibration, light and sound to manifestation of our physical bodies. If you can imagine, The Divine Vibration wants to see itself in form, it wants to experience itself in the physical, it wants reflection of itself, it creates Your Unique You. Your voice, your unique song, becomes the thread, your fingerprint, emanating out from your heart through your hands, the holder of the infinite vibration that touches yourself and others.

If we can just imagine this thread, this Light filled thread, from the Divine, that we are a miracle, created from the Breath of the Divine and that we reflect this beautiful light of perfection, then we are also perfection as well. Not in the definition of the word perfection that we use today, not the struggle to be perfect, but the perfection of harmony of breath, inhaling and exhaling, for that is perfection, that is rhythm, that is Holy. To be the reflection of Source, in all our humanly imperfection, so that Source can have experience to create more compassion in the world.

What are the tools? What are the ways back home to releasing the hiccups in our breathing patterns, that create unhealthy discord? To Allow, to do the Inside Job, instead of the continued Outside Job. To Be Still and Know.

First starting with Awareness - sit with your breath, not attempting to manage it, but to just sit with it and be the witness to your inner symphony. Where can you feel it, what is the quality of it. Be with it. Inhale and Exhale, watch the wave.

Second - Allow yourself to hum, to sing from your heart, listen to the sounds that come from your voice box, the vibration of your unique self. Turn off the self berating about how you can't listen to your own voice or it feels weird, be uncomfortable in the moment. The Divine is waiting to hear you.

Third - Hold your hands together, finger tips touching and feel the vibration of your life force through your own personal swirl of your rhythm. Allow your thumbs to touch the center of your chest. Now Hum, chant, sing, notice your vibration, you are connected to yourself, you are breathing your inner harmony.

Be grateful for this miracle, the conductor, that happens each and every moment that you are here, this Light Thread of your Breath connecting you to The Divine, connecting you to your family, your friends, the animals, the rocks, the plants, to the Earth you live on. All breathing, all vibrating their own rhythm and you are connected to it all, through your unique Song. You are a miracle.

These 3 tools are a start, there are other tools, many of them. But Being In Your Breath and coming home to your unique sound, song, life force is a start. Your unique voice and fingerprint, reminding you of your Holy connection to the Cosmos, your part of the symphony, that is called life.

Much peace ~ Ann

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