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In the beginning was Energy ~ Vibration ~ Sound ~ Light

When it all began we were pure energy without form...the spark, the vibration, existing before. There was a need for balance, for relationship, for reflection. The Divine created form to experience itself, to know itself, to reflect it's perfect form of Energy which is the highest form of Light which is Love.

We Are Love

We came into the world with the Light of the Divine already set into our beautiful, amazing, outrageous subtle energy field.

The Look of newborn says it all. They are lit, the are alive sparks of LOVE.

What are you doing with your one amazing life right now? Are you taking one moment each day for gratitude, prayer, singing, meditating?
In one millisecond life can change, you can change your thoughts through Awareness. Just that one word has the ability to change your whole life! Awareness that perhaps you are using negative, low vibrating words towards your beautiful self. Awareness. Change just those low vibrating words and you will see a remarkable difference.

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